OnePlus One Microphone Fix

I recently updated my OnePlus One to a Lollipop nightly ROM. You can find all the latest Lollipop ROM’s for the OnePlus One here. My current nightly is slightly buggy, but very usable all the same. My only issue is the in call microphone volume, the person at the other end of the line can never hear me. I spent a while trying to figure out this issue until I stumbled across a post on the OnePlus One forum relating to the issue. So here’s the fix and full credit goes to the original author of the fix, Pozzoi.

For this fix to work, you need to have root to access to edit system files. I’ve found the easiest way to edit and save system files when you have root is to download ES File Explorer. It’s not the prettiest app but it does what’s required. Once downloaded, open up the navigation drawer, scroll to the bottom and enable “Root Explorer”.


The next step is to locate a file named “build.prop” in the /system folder. When you’ve found the file, open it with ES Note Editor then click the overflow menu and select “Edit”.


Scroll down to the field labeled “# ADDITIONAL BUILD PROPERTIES”

You’ll need to find the line:

and change it to:

Before (left) and after (right):

When you have finished editing, press the back button and save your changes.

Next step is to locate a file called “audio_platform_info.xml” in the /system/etc folder. Again open this file with ES Note Editor.

You’re looking for the line:

and you need to replace 40 with 4, as below:

Before (left) and after (right):


Once you’ve successfully edited and saved both files, restart your phone. Your in call audio should now be back to normal!

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